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the camerathe image

myforestfarm is located in the middle of nowhere. No electric tools are used, except the digital camera. The camera creates visual accesibility to myforestfarm, which otherwise would remain not yet to be seen.

myforestfarm is a laboratory for image production and it is tracking how images come into the world. However the seductiveness of the images is beyond our control. It creates a world of its own.

plantingviewsphoto archivevideo archive
view from the opposite mountainview from the mountain top
center viewpineapple avocado view
coconut lemon grass viewmacopa view
south top viewsouth border view
abouttreesfarmimagestourblogcarbon offsetfinancearte-storeexhibitionsvisitorslinkscontact©plantingplantingviewsphoto archivevideo archivevideo archive