myforestfarm (Philippines) is a reforestation initiative that serves as an artistic research project about carbon dioxide sequestration.
It is a forest - laboratory for aesthetic experiments to demonstrate the complexity regarding identification, validation and verification of  carbon dioxide absorption. The trees were planted back in 2008/2009 as objects of observation to represent the effects of photosynthesis, (e.g. organic growth; biomass creation; carbon dioxide capture.)
The project suggests artistic methodologies and alternative economic models as an expansion to financial instruments (e.g. Carbon Credits) implemented by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
The project has been conceptualized by Dirk Fleischmann and developed in collaboration with Thomas Daquioag, Rodolfo Ferrer and Renato Habulan.

A variety of more than 20 species were planted. Among them endangered indigenous forest trees. The plantation is all organic, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The maintenance requires no machines and causes no technical CO2 emissions.
Location: Sierra Madre Mountain Range,  Sitio San Josef (Barangay San Jose) near Antipolo City, Rizal Province, Philippines. The indigenous name of this mountain area is 'Limuranin'.

Founded: 2008
Size: app. 1.500 trees on 17000 sqm (app 2 hectare)
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